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275 Kent Street Sydney 2000
P: (02) 9299 0888 F: (02) 9299 0888

Taste Baguette on SussexLane

Taste on Sussex Lane

Situated on Sydney’s first active developed lane way, Taste on Sussex Lane, the second manifestation of Taste Baguette, brought French baking to the bankers. Being located under Westpac place, one would be forgiven for thinking they had stepped into another world. Leaving the city stress and financial woes at the door, one finds themselves surrounded by salvaged wrought iron finishes. Recycled timber becomes two large group bench tables, in front of a solid onyx, interior lit bar.

Bringing together the concept of bakery, bar, cafe and take-away in a most unique and singular venue. With a scattered array of comfortable couches for morning tea, or evening cocktails, large bird of paradise palms accentuate the French Vietnamese/colonial feel. Side terraces overlooking the passing foot traffic, as well as the neighbouring lane way bars open themselves to the cooling afternoon summer breezes, while weather shields and outdoor heating turn them into inviting bubbles during the windy winter months.

The selection of Australian and French wines on offer are displayed behind glass creating intimate corners with a window on the world passing by. Sliding panels reveal the day time take-away bar, while table candles when the sun goes down create a warm and intimate atmosphere for evening diners and drinkers alike.