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Why become a Taste Baguette franchisee?

Artisanal products, quality ingredients and great service are at the core of Taste Baguette.

Our extensive knowledge combined with lovingly hand-crafted cuisine has made us what we are today: A destination for fine, freshness-first food. We bake all of the products onsite at each franchise, so customers just follow their nose right to the only place they can experience hot pastries and baguettes straight from the oven. You could say we’re passionate about what we do!

We’re just as passionate about working closely with franchisees to provide expert training and guidance throughout the Taste Baguette journey.

We believe in using only quality ingredients and continue to hand-craft our products

We believe in providing continual support and training to all of our franchisees

We are constantly developing new products and have a team dedicated to this

We have great working relationships with well-recognised brands such as Pepe Saya and Campos

We have an extensive operational network in place that allows for products to be delivered fresh, daily

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